Dr. Nairs' Homoeos - A team of efficient health care professionals with the ultimate goal of helping people sustain healthy life.

Extent of Services

Dr Nairs' services are savored by both National and International patients. People from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Dubai, Maldives, USA and many other countries have been continuously accepting our services since many years. Furthermore, in India, Dr Nairs’ Homeos are actively providing consultation (online) and treatment to patients in almost all the States and UT’s including the remotest areas. The systematic methodology of Dr. Nairs’ Homoeos for delivering treatment with the help of the best service providers has enabled us to serve patients present in any corner of the world.

Charitable Activities

Dr Nairs’ Homoeos have been very active in charitable services in as much as we have been a part of a number of charitable clinics in various temples, gurudwaras and community centres in and around Chandigarh. With the grace of the almighty, we have been able to serve the needy, taking out all the expenses for these services by our own without putting a burden upon the accommodating organisations. These activities are well supported by one of our capacity building organisation named "Servah - To serve all". This NGO is also working in the field of providing free legal aid to the poverty stricken community.

Awareness Activities

Dr Nairs' Team is involved in health education and awareness activities in both government and private schools and higher educational institutions. We have conducted number of health awareness camps and classes in various institutes and schools and have thus, always tried to keep up the slogan of “Work today for a better tomorrow”. We have never hesitated to spread our expertise to those who are ignorant about health and hygiene, either by choice or due to the prevailing circumstances. Our team is also involved in propagating less costly but sustainable health measures to slums and villages in and around the city. Likewise, we have always stood to teach measures to fight against the health evils prevalent in our surroundings.


Other than clinical practice, Dr Nairs' Team is also involved in publishing relevant literature in journals, news papers, books and magazines. They have numerous publications in conferences and seminars and have published literature in the field of Best Homoeopathic Practices, Health Management, HIV, Value Education and Water and Sanitation.